Mermaid Crowns: Are You Ready For This New Hair Accessory?
@chelseasflowercrowns via Instagram

Flower headbands and hair jewelry are all the rage in spicing up one’s hair. They are inexpensive, beautiful and can change up one’s hair without adding color or cutting. Well, they have to move over with the newest in hair beautification that is creating quite a stir in hair fashion. Called Mermaid crowns, these lovely hair pieces were created by Chelsea Shiels, a 27-year-old florist from Melbourne, Australia. This new beach-themed hair jewelry was inspired by Chelsea’s love of the beach and her wanting to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Maybe not the best inspiration to get behind but these elaborate crown pieces are definitely easy to fall for.
From super simple to overly elaborate, these crowns are fitting for all women who want more from their hair attire. 

These crowns are becoming popular for music festivals to birthday parties and even of course photo shoots and we are sure to see more of Hollywood’s elite rocking them soon enough as they are every bit of over-the-top in fashion. They are so hot right now she’s all sold out on her Etsy page but if one is so inclined creating your own would just require some trips to your local craft store and challenging your own passion from the beach.

They are beautiful!


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