A successful brother who knows his way around the kitchen is a great catch indeed (pun totally intended). ESSENCE.com is excited to feature men who love to cook. Catch up on all the interviews and recipes of these talented men.


Roderick Heath: Meet one southern gentleman who can throw down in the kitchen


Astor Chambers: This chef is a husband and father of two who fell in love with cooking at the urging of his wife.


Chef Roblé: This chef is a young foodie who merges hip-hop and gourmet with style on his own cooking show.


Jeremiah Abiah: This week we have a baker who believes in spicing up every meal, and he just may have the secret to heaven on earth.



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Alexis Aquino: Meet Alexis, who uses music in a special way when he cooksand has the perfect dish that always wins the ladies,Mac-a-Honey & Cheese.

Jay Hill:Meet Jay, who realizes the way to woman’s heart isdefinitely her stomach.


Jacques Plummer: Meet Jacques Plummer. A Veterinary Surgeon who has a passion for cooking and enjoys mixing dishes from different cultures.


Dana Herbert: Meet Dana, Owner of Desserts By Dana in Bear, Delaware. See what this King of Cakes is baking up.


Alan Jennings: Meet Alan, who enjoys cooking for his wife and her Wii-playing friends.

Scotley Innis, Jr.: Meet Scotley, who has an amazing grits cake recipe to share.»