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Name: Don Bowie
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Chef, and Renaissance man
Age: 31
City: Atlanta, GA

ESSENCE.COM: Take us back to your favorite cooking memory.
When I think of cooking, my mother immediately comes to mind. I remember being greeted by a home cooked meal every night for dinner. Many of my friends only got to experience a home cooked meal on Sundays, but for me it was a daily routine, steady and consistent. As an adult, I now realize how rare that was. The home cooked meal coupled with the time I spent with my family was unparalleled. Today, when I go back home to Houston, my mom still prepares those same meals, putting in time, energy and effort. It’s a sincere expression of her love and there is nothing like a meal prepared by her loving hands!

ESSENCE.COM: Definitely. What cooking tips are you willing to share?
Use fresh ingredients whenever possible. For example, infusing a dish with fresh basil does wonders in comparison to the dried version. Also, know and monitor your cooking temperatures. A majority of meals go wrong due to improper temperatures. You want to try to start with a low to moderate temperature, then observe closely and determine if you need to make adjustments based on your dish.

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ESSENCE.COM: And how do you impress the ladies with your cooking?
Taste, presentation and variety. I pride myself on my ability to season my food by experimenting with different flavors and spices. Although a meal may stimulate the pallet, presentation is key – my food doesn’t just taste great it also looks great! Last but not least, there is nothing more exciting and challenging for me than preparing a new dish for someone. I think everyone should step out and add a little variety by trying something they’ve never had. My goal is to make them a fan of the dish and to keep them coming back for more!

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