It looks like the students of Baltimore, at least those who gathered on Tuesday at a youth summit about opioid use, aren’t big fans of America’s First Lady. During a speech Melania Trump delivered on the subject she received loud boos from attendees.

The New York Times reports that her appearance was related to her “Be Best” initiative that focuses on three main pillars. Opioid use is one of them.   

“I’m in this fight for you, and I’m fighting for you,” Mrs. Trump told the middle and high school students. “If you are struggling with addiction right now, reach out for support.” Though she was booed, she thanked the students for attending and commended them for their bravery.

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In a statement shared with CNN, Trump addressed her cold reception by saying, “We live in a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the fact is we have a serious crisis in our country and I remain committed to educating children on the dangers and deadly consequences of drug abuse.”

Though Trump’s husband and those close to him often are booed or receive less than favorable greetings, multiple reports have suggested that this is the first time the First Lady has elicited such a response.

Her appearance — and the student’s reaction— comes just months after Donald Trump called the city of Baltimore a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess”  and questioned why anybody would want to live there.