They come into your life every Wednesday night — Lem, Kenny and Damon — the fine men on Showtime’s series Soul Food. In real life, they are Darrin Dewitt Henson (Lem), 28, who’s also known as the award-winning choreographer of N’Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” video; Rockmond Dunbar (Kenny), 27, who’s also appeared on hit shows like The Practice; and Boris Kodjoe (Damon), 26, a former model for Ralph Lauren and Versace. When we asked visitors what you wanted to ask these sexy soul men, many of you responded with the most intimate of questions. You want to know them. Really, really know them. And the way these charming actors responded, that’s all good with them.

Do you have anything in common with your character?

Rockmond Dunbar: There are so many ways that I want to be like Kenny, to have a family and be able to communicate well with my wife, which he does. But I don’t dress like Kenny. His style is straight blue collar. I’m so into fashion. It could be bohemian one day; retro-70s the next.

Darrin Dewitt Henson: Lem’s a fighter, and strives to succeed. I would say in that respect we’re a lot alike. But I don’t know what it’s like being in jail or having gotten in trouble selling illegal substances {laughs}.

Boris Kodjoe: Damon and I both have multicultural backgrounds {Boris’s mother is German; his father, West African}. We’re both confident, comfortable with ourselves and caring human beings. On the other hand, he hasn’t found his career niche yet, and I’ve found something that inspires me.

Soul Food was an instant hit but your fans must make it difficult to walk down the street now.

Rockmond: It’s been pretty insane. I’ve already had my share of stalkers and changed my phone number a few times.

Boris: At the airport, people talk to me and call me Damon. They give me advice on how to handle the situation on the show. They’re so detached from reality.

Darrin: About a month ago, I was in New York. I stopped at a red light and I heard my door slam. I turned around and there were five women in my car taking pictures {laughs}. I’m from New York, so nothing much scares me, but it was definitely an experience.

On the show, you’re each paired with a lovely lady, but what attracts you to a woman?

 Boris: I appreciate someone who knows who she is; someone who challenges me and makes me want to be a better man.

Rockmond: I’m totally into my woman {writer/designer Tanika Nicole Ray}; her skin, her lips. And I’m definitely an ass man. But it’s about the total package. I also like a complex woman; not being able to figure her out in 10 minutes. A self-sufficient woman is so beautiful.

Darrin: I’m a fingers and toes man. A foul mouth and roving eyes turn me off. When I sit down and speak to someone, I want to look into that person’s eyes to connect, and when that doesn’t happen, I feel like walking away. {Darrin tells us he has a girlfriend, but that’s all he’s saying.}]

What’s your idea of a romantic evening?

Rockmond: Taking unplanned trips and letting the evening go where it will. For example, my girlfriend comes to visit me in Toronto. She doesn’t know I’ve planned a weekend trip to Montreal. So when she gets here, boom, she’s on another plane, and a car is waiting for us at the airport. We have a nice dinner at a fabulous restaurant, and at the hotel, I give her a full body massage and at least a hundred kisses. Absolutely romantic.

Darrin: When it comes to intimacy, it’s about how I’m feeling that day. I can be walking down the street, shopping for a pair of shoes, holding hands. It’s about the moment.

Boris: I would cook at home; set the table really nice with candles, and music. I’d fix a great dessert  something like chocolate mousse with strawberries  pack it up, drive to the top of a mountain and enjoy it on a blanket under the stars. Have some romantic conversation and make love on the blanket. How’s that sound?

Great! While we’re talking romance, what’s the sexiest thing a woman has done for you?

Boris: My girlfriend {music executive Alicia Etheredge}] set me up with a masseuse. I was getting the massage; she leaves the room and comes back and all of a sudden, she’s a little more personal going under the towel and everything. I turn around and it’s my girlfriend. She’d set it all up. It was the best massage I ever got!

Rockmond: Tanika hinted that if I proposed, she would say ‘yes.’ {pauses} She also hinted that she would have my children. {To date, Rockmond has not proposed.}

Darrin: I don’t know if I can answer that. I’m still waiting. {laughs}

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