To say age isn’t anything but a number would be a false statement when it comes to Jeralean Talley, the oldest living American on record. 

Talley, who celebrated her 115th birthday Friday, May 23, is considered a super centenarian, having passed the age of 110 and seeing 3 centuries in her lifetime, reports The Detroit Free Press

When it comes to how to live a long life, Talley has a few  rules of thumb, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

It seems simple enough but the Michigan resident and mother of one says that this is a phrase that she lives by. Staying active is also a big part of her routine. Talley bowled until she was 104, took a fishing trip just last year and still gets around on her own without the help of a walker. Another favorite pasttime is playing with her 14-month-old great-great grandson who her daughter says is “her heart.”

Faith also plays a big part in Talley’s vitality. She still attends church when she’s able and celebrated her birthday with her church family.

When asked why she has lived so long her answer is, “It’s all in the good lord’s hands. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Talley only comes in second place in the documented list of super centenarians in the world after Misao Okawa of Japan who is 116. 

A CNN crew recently came to interview Talley; the report is expected to air on Anderson Cooper 360 this week.