Meagan Good: ‘You Don’t Need to be with Someone to be Complete’
Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

When it comes to sexless dating and waiting for Mr. Right, Meagan Good knows a thing or two. The actress remained celibate before marring her now-husband DeVon Franklin, and now the power duo are penning a book called “The Wait.” 

“It’s about delaying self gratification to ultimately get what you want in the long run,” the Minority Report star shared during an interview at the 2015 ESSENCE Festival. “Sometimes we gratify ourselves now — we take the job that we aren’t going to be happy at, we sleep with the guy who’s not going to call us back, we get into a relationship and get so serious about that person thinking we need them.”

She went on to say the book is about “developing yourself and realizing that you don’t need to be with someone to be complete or healthy. Being complete on your own first, then allowing God to bring someone into your life at the right time.” 

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In DeVon Franklin’s words, it’s “all about how to get the love of your life.”

The Wait is slated for a February 2016 release, just in time for Valentine’s Day.