11 Photos of Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin That Capture Their Love Perfectly

Today the Franklins celebrate four years of marital bliss. On their fourth wedding anniversary we pay tribute to their love by looking back at the photos that captured their love for each other perfectly.

Charli Penn Jun, 16, 2016

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I feel the safest and happiest when I'm with you.

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I can't get enough of my beautiful wife.

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We won!

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A thousand kisses wouldn't be enough.

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We are picture perfect all of the time.

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We want our love stoy to inspire many others. #ShareTheLove

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Kissing you has never stopped being the most fun.

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Just look at how happy love can make you feel. What cameras?

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Our love shines through and is our ultimate red carpet accessory.

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Soul mates, for sure.

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Two hearts have become one.