The family of McKenzie Adams, the nine-year-old Alabama girl who took her own life after months of alleged racist bullying, laid her to rest on Saturday. The little girl wore a silver tiara for the open casket funeral held at the gym of U.S. Jones Elementary School in Linden, Alabama, the Tuscaloosa News reports. McKenzie’s family said that they complained to the State Board of Education about the cruel taunts the little girl was forced to endure at the elementary school, most of which they said centered around her friendship with a boy. Her mother, Jasmine Adams, said that race was a factor in bullying, saying that a white family friend drove Mckenzie to school every day. She also suffered from bullying at a previous school. While officials with Demopolis City Schools insist they never knew of any bullying McKenzie allegedly endured, police in both Demopolis and Linden are investigating the family’s claims. “We have concluded our internal investigation to the allegations of bullying which led to this senseless death. There have been no findings of any reports of bullying by either the student or family. The findings of this internal investigation are consistent with the results of the investigation of the Linden (Alabama) Police Department at this point in time,” an emailed statement by Alex Braswell, the attorney for the Demopolis City Board of Education read, according to the Tuscaloosa News. “It’s touching that one little 9-year-old girl has changed the lives and minds of so many people and it’s going to stick with us for the rest of our lives,” McKenzie’s aunt, Eddwina Harris,  said. Our thoughts are with the family during this difficult time. TOPICS: