It’s no secret that hip-hop is always looking to crown its next king and queen. And if anyone should know who’s got next, it’s icon MC Lyte.

The veteran rapper tells that when it comes to mainstream hip-hop, she’s definitely rooting for Nicki Minaj.

“She’s on the front line right now and rightfully so,” said Lyte. “To me, she’s very strategically placed herself where I imagine she saw herself many years ago. She’s a savvy businesswoman. [She] may not align with all the things we expect of a female emcee, but to me she’s spawned from Missy Elliot.”

Lyte added that she meets plenty of talented, but unsigned, female emcees through her Hip-Hop Sisters Network, a foundation and social network she started to nurture women in hip-hop.

So what does she think is Nicki Minaj’s key to success? “We’ve got an African-American female emcee that encompasses pop, hip-hop, she’s all of them. When I think of today’s emcees, I think of her.”


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