R&B stars like Maxwell and Keri Hilson may still be basking in the glow of their recent Grammy nominations but neither is resting on their laurels. The R&B singers as well as other artists at last week’s Grammy nominations special were happy to talk about new music they are working on.

Maxwell, who received six nods for his Black Summer’s Night, elaborated on the album being part of a trilogy of the same name. “I wanted to bring back the idea of albums again. I felt like the last three years things were singles driven. I wanted to remind people that there was such a thing as a record before, it was a few songs and it was a piece – it was a body of work as opposed to 3 minutes of you shaking your butt on the dance floor somewhere.” 

“I feel excited about the second album,” Maxwell added. “It’s all done and I can’t wait to release it all but I want to release it in doses so you guys don’t get sick of me to soon.”

Drake and Keri Hilson, two of music’s newest talents, also talked about their upcoming projects. Drake said he is still in the studio recording his debut, Thank Me Later, but that he’s aiming for a March 2010 release date. Hilson was less clear on when her next album would be due but did say that it was in its infancy. “I have not started working on my next project besides collecting ideas and gathering concepts that I have gotten from being on the road this past year and a half,” said Hilson.

Not to be outdone, The Time keyboardist Jimmy Jam, who also serves as the National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences’ Vice Chairman, said that there is a Time reunion album in the works as well.

“We have been trying to finish the record for quite awhile, but I think we’re three-fourths done,” said Jam. “Hopefully, we will be finishing that at the end of this year or early next so we can have some fun. I have to learn some new dances.”

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