Maxine Waters Vows To Fight For Progressive Values After Democratic Win: ‘They Came After Me In Every Way They Could’
Alex Wong
After a “Blue wave” swept across the country and ensured Democrats will control the House of Representatives for the next two years, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters assured voters she will not let Donald Trump — or his supporters — destroy the country, no matter how hard they try to stop her. “They tried to get me. They came after me in every way they could. They sent two bombs,” Rep. Waters told constituents at a Veterans Day breakfast held Thursday in Inglewood, CA. “They should know better than to mess with me. You can not get a child of God.” During her remarks, Waters detailed the challenges her Democratic colleagues had to overcome in order to be victorious on election day. Their efforts not only resulted in flipping seven gubernatorial seats from red to blue, but more women are now heading to Congress than ever before. Waters said the success of her reelection bid, as well as election of Dems across the country, rests firmly on their progressive values. “We had to run campaign to send a word to all of those who don’t understand what progressive politics is all about,” the Congresswoman said. “We have a country that we have to protect, we have a country that we have to stand up for, and we don’t care who you are–whether you’re in the White House or the outhouse, we’re not going to let you destroy our country.” After Tuesday night’s gains, Democrats are looking forward to taking over the House’s committees and providing a check on the Executive Branch. Waters is poised to chair the powerful Financial Services Committee, which not only oversees banks, but also housing and urban development. “Democrats have taken back the House of Representatives and you know that means that we’re going to be in charge of all of the committees,” she told the audience, which cheered at her pronouncement. “So many people are worried about what I’m going to do,” Waters said of her coming leadership position. “Am I going to use my subpoena power? Am I going to get on the Treasury Department about the relationship about some of the money laundering banks and all of that? I did not get where I am because I’m foolish. I got where I am because I worked hard and I used good judgement.” Political pundits suspect Waters will use her new powers to take on Donald Trump — and the lending practices of Deutsche Bank AG, which fronted Trump cash — but she also assured voters she would work to protect their financial interests as well. “I want you to know, of course, housing, homelessness–all of that will be at the top of my agenda,” Waters told her constituents. “We have gone through a period of time, In 2008, where communities were targeted and we were foreclosed on and we lost a lot of our homes. And for many of us, our wealth is in our ownership of our homes,” she said. “So I’m going to use my position wisely, I’m going to protect us as consumer from those trying to rip us off.”