Rep. Maxine Waters Visits ‘The Real’ And Doesn’t Hold Back On Trump Opinion
Chelsea Lauren

U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district, Maxine Waters is pulling no punches when it comes to the current president.

On Wednesday, the vocal opponent of President Donald Trump appeared on The Real to talk about her journey to Congress, thoughts on the current administration and message for those who disagree.

“My colleagues would not like me to say the ‘I’ word, but I keep saying it,” she said. “Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. Because, this president was absolutely in collusion with the Kremlin, and Putin in Russia during the campaign. I believe that… they’re going for the oil.”

“That’s why you hear a lot about lifting the sanctions,” she continued. “Tillerson (Rex W. Tillerson) who was appointed to be secretary of state, came from Exxon. He was the CEO of Exxon and he negotiated a deal with Putin in Russia for a multi-billion dollar drilling deal in the Arctic. And so they got to get those sanctions lifted that Obama put on, so they can get the drilling done and all of his cohorts can make money. So I’m really going to keep on that so people will understand: Follow the money.”

The relationship between Tillerson and Putin goes back to 1999, when Exxon first made a deal with Russia’s Rosneft oil giant. And in 2013 Tillerson received Russia’s Order of Friendship medal from Putin. 

When asked by co-host Loni Love about Sean Spicer’s remarks about Waters having no basis to shake things up in the White House, she said, “Nobody pays any attention to him.” 

And Waters left with a final message to future right-wing guests, “Now the people who come on to respond to what I’m saying, tell them I said, ‘he’s a liar.'”