This New Massachusetts Law Takes a Huge Step Toward Equal Pay For Women
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A New Massachusetts Passes Law Banning Employers From Requesting Salary History Of Potential Hires

If you’ve ever found yourself annoyed when having to provide a potential employer with information about your salary history at previous jobs, you just might be in luck……IF you’re planning on moving to Massachusetts.
The east coast state just became the first in the country to pass a law banning employers from asking potential new hires for previous salary information during the course of the selection process, CBS Boston reports. The law is a significant step in the right direction, particularly with regard to women and the continuous fight for equal pay in the workforce. Allowing a potential employer to use salary history as a means of determining how much a potential new hire will be paid has proven to be disproportionately unfair to women, as it allows for a continuation of the pattern of women being paid less than men by default.
Another provision in the Massachusetts law requires that women receive pay equal to that of men in the same positions as them, as well as men who do work “comparable” to theirs.
Hopefully more states will follow in the footsteps of Massachusetts law makers and push similar laws to the top of the priority list.

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