Everyone knows who the late Marvin Gaye was. But how much do you know about the genius behind those silky smooth hits?

Marvin’s sister, Zeola “Sweetsie” Gaye, doesn’t think fans received an accurate portrayal of who her brother was through the stories and books published about him. “Through the years, I became taken aback and disappointed with everything that had been written, said and published about my family, especially my brother Marvin, that wasn’t accurate,” said Zeola.

Now she’s ready to show everyone another side of her late brother through a new play, Zeola Presents My Brother Marvin.

It stars Keith Washington as Marvin and actress Lynn Whitfield plays Gaye’s mother.

“In the play, I simply wanted to set the record straight. I wanted to leave a true account about Marvin the man and our family,” said Zeola. “People need to know what really happened and Marvin would want his fans to really know what happened. We are finally bringing the truth the world needs and must know.”

Will you be going to see My Brother Marvin?

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