Marques Houston Gets Baptized
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Smile Train, Inc

Former R&B singer Marques Houston has been open about his journey as a Jehovah’s Witness, sharing pics on Instagram with fans. Back in July he even shared a photo of himself doing service, writing, “Out in Service Day 3 #covisitweek #WhoReallyControlsTheWorld #JW I love being out in Service doing Jehovah’s work. #JesusWentDoorToDoor that’s why we do it.”

And, on Saturday, Houston took another big step by being baptized. The 35-year-old actor shared a photo the event and wrote, “8/13/16 The best day of my life!!! I got baptized today. I’ve never been this happy #JW Jehovah my God, thank you for allowing me the privilege to be one of your Witnesses now #DayTwo #RemainLoyalToJehovah Convention.” 

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Houston later shared a video collage and further expressed his happiness, “My baptism: I can not even put into words the feeling/emotions and overwhelming joy running through my mind. To know that Jehovah God, or Heavenly Father, the CREATOR of any and everything chose me to be his loyal servant! I am humbled beyond words, and I am so grateful to all who embarked on this journey with me! This is only the first step and I look forward to where life is gonna take me now that I have Jehovah behind the wheel.”

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