Mark Hughes Incorrectly Identified as a Suspect in Dallas Shooting Speaks Out
Dallas Police Department Twitter

Dallas citizen, Mark Hughes, was falsely identified as a suspect in the fatal shooting of Dallas Police Department officers, which occurred during a peaceful protest.

He had been attending the protest against the recent police shootings when snipers opened fire on officers. DPD then tweeted this image with the caption, “This is one of our suspects. Please help us find him!” The tweet has yet to be deleted though Hughes has been released without charges.

Dallas Police Shooter Identified as Micah Xavier Johnson


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Hughes recounts the events to CBS Dallas, “We received a phone call that my face was there on a suspect and immediately, I flagged down a police officer.” He and his brother had been, “talking to police, laughing and joking with police officer” during the peaceful protest.  

After shots rang, Hughes and his brother went even as far as to turn in their firearms to police so as to avoid harm from police in the mayhem that ensued.

Hughes said he was taken in and released after 30 minutes of questioning. “Y’all have my face on national news,” said Hughes. “We’ve been getting death threats.”

Hughes’ interview with CBS Dallas was posted on Facebook by his brother, Cory L. Hughes. Watch above.

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