It’s been nearly 18 years since Mariah Carey and her estranged older sister, Alison, have spoken.

The Daily News reports that Alison, now 50, is ready to break the silence. She misses her baby sister.

“I want to reach out to my sister and tell her how much I miss her and how proud I am that we are family,” said Alison. “We may be apart now, and it has been many years since we last spoke. But to me, despite all the bad times and the arguments, she will be always be my baby sister.”

According to Madame Noire, the the sisters haven’t spoken because of the lifestyle differences. Alison is reportedly an adult escort who has been arrested for prostitution. The mother of four is also allegedly HIV positive and has been to rehab a few times.

Mariah and Nick’s one-year-old twins are said to be the motivating factor for the reconciliation. “I am sure Mariah is going to be fantastic mother and her husband Nick Cannon, who I’ve heard nothing but good things about, will be a great father.”


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