After months of keeping her pregnancy a secret, a newly emancipated Mariah Carey is happy to talk about her baby bump. While chatting with Ellen DeGeneres, Mimi revealed that she’s had to cut down on champagne, her favorite indulgence. So Ellen, being Ellen, brought out the next best thing: sparkling apple cider. The singer also revealed that she and hubby Nick Cannon don’t want to find out the sex of the baby. “I would prefer not,” she said. “Because imagine if you’re a baby inside someone’s body. Do you really want someone imposing their sex ideas on you? Not really?” Ellen joked that if it’s a girl, Carey’s love of high heels would have the baby sporting heels and wearing pink. “I know you, and you’re gonna want pink if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy,” said the talk show host. In true Mimi-style, Carey sported a pair of sky-high platform boots during her interview. Now if that’s not divalicious, we don’t know what is. Did you wear heels while you were pregnant?