Mariah Carey Says She’ll Never Renounce Her Ways: ‘I’m Still Always Going to Be a Diva’
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Once a diva, always a diva! 

Mariah Carey is directing and starring in the new Hallmark Channel movie, A Christmas Melody, airing in December. And while she may be working behind the camera, the singer reveals she’ll never stop her famously glamorous ways. 

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“I’m still always going to be a diva in certain ways, and I don’t mean that in the bad sense of the word,” Carey told Entertainment Tonight. “I just mean, like, if there’s a makeup artist there and they don’t mind touching me up while I’m directing.” 

In the Christmas movie, the 46-year-old plays a music teacher who takes a stressed-out young singer under her wing, according to Hallmark Channel.

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