Mariah Carey Blames Shoulder Injury on ‘Fatigue’
Getty Images

Mariah Carey may be a broken butterfly, but she’s a still trooper — dahhhhling.

This week, Entertainment Tonight caught up with Carey on The Butler red carpet. Dressed in a black gown complete with a black sling for her injured shoulder and arm, Carey blamed the whole fiasco on fatigue.

“It wasn’t Nick’s fault, it was my fault,” shared Carey. “Honestly, I had been working for a really long time, and you know how when you’re posing… I was posing, and my arm was like this — and it was shaking at that point — so it was very fatigued. And about the ninth take, the tenth take… I was on a roll darling, a roll… and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor baby, on cement.”

As her hubby Nick Cannon shared earlier, it was a “severe injury.” Carey reportedly suffered nerve damage and bruised her rib. She was immediately taken to the emergency room after the fall. Carey later returned to the set  to finish shooting the video.

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