The Man Seen In Viral Charlottesville Car Attack Photo Was Saving His Fiancée’s Life
Chip Somodevilla/2017 Getty Images

The world is still reeling over the hate crime that took place over the weekend in Charlottesville, Va.

Neo-Nazi sympathizer James Alex Fields Jr. intentionally crashed into counter-protestors who were exiting after protesting against an alt-right rally that had taken place earlier that day.

One woman was killed and almost two dozen injured in the tragic car crash, and a photo taken at the scene showing a man in mid-air flying over the car’s hood after he was struck quickly went viral.

The man in the picture survived. His name is Marcus Martin, 26, and although he walked away with his life he suffered torn ligaments and a broken ankle. In an interview with the NY Daily News, Martin describes the moments before and during the horrific crash, and how much worse it might have been if he hadn’t reacted so quickly.

Martin tells the Daily news that as the car came through the crowd, he instinctively pushed his fiancée Marissa Blair out of harm’s way. “We were crossing the street. I was looking at my phone when I heard a tire screeching,” he said. “I looked and next thing you know I’m up in the air. I remember pushing my fiancée out of the way. Heather was in front of me. Then it all happened too fast. I don’t know how she got hit. That’s the only thing that I can remember.”

Martin is recovering physically but emotionally he and his fiancée are still mourning the loss of their friend, Heather Heyer, who was the sole casualty from the tragic event.