Weeks after Alton Sterling’s death, investigations working to answer “why” continue to circulate, but officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II, the two responsible for what has now been ruled a homocide, aren’t the only ones being scrutinized and questioned for unlawful behavior. 

According to WSB-TV 2 Atlanta, Christopher LeDay, the man responsible posting the now viral video of Alton Sterling’s death, has been asked not to return to work. Reports indicate that LeDay was picked up and arrested at Dobbins Air Force Base in Atlanta, GA less than 24 hours after posting his video – except officers told him he was being detained for assault and battery charges. Both LeDay and his lawyer, Tiffany Simmons claim the charges didn’t exist until after Christopher was identified as the man behind the infamous video.

Jesse Williams Perfectly Articulates Anger Over Shooting Death of Alton Sterling

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“They never showed a warrant for an assault to my client,” Simmons told WSB-TV. “In fact my client was held in DeKalb County Jail for at least 26 hours and they never produced a warrant.” On her client’s behalf, she continued to explain the falsehood of the allegations against LeDay. “There aren’t any charges, he never had a warrant for an assault. My client has never had any criminal history,” says Simmons. 

As no warrant existed for any charges against Christopher, his lawyer says they later told her that her client was being held for “unresolved traffic tickets,” and had to pay them before he could be released.

After LeDay was free to go, he tried to return to work at Dobbins AFB “but officials at the gate told him he still had security clearance issues,” reports WSB-TV. Christopher now sits on unpaid leave while he works to regain access to his job.

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