Bronx resident Mamadou Diallo is a hero in his wife’s eyes, but he’s still facing criminal charges under the law.

The fearless husband was released from police custody on Wednesday afternoon following an appearance in Bronx Criminal Court to face charges stemming from his involvement with a recent incident that resulted in the death of the man who attempted to rape his wife.

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According to ABC 7 news reports, 43-year-old Earl Nash approached Diallo’s 51-year-old wife and brutally attacked her with a chair before removing her clothes and attempting to rape her. The woman was able to break away before the rape occurred and later identified Nash to her husband, who was caught on surveillance camera confronting him in one of building’s hallways and beating him with a tire iron.

Nash was then admitted to Lincoln Hospital in critical condition, where he was pronounced dead shortly after. In light of the incident, the 61-year-old father of three will face assault and weapons charges, while a grand jury will be left to decide whether or not a manslaughter charge will stick.

Diallo maintains that his actions were purely out of self-defense on behalf of his wife, who suffered severe bruising on her forehead during the attack by Nash.

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