Man Attempts To Kidnap Black Child From Kroger
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A Kentucky man was arrested Tuesday after he kidnapped a Black boy from a Kroger with a BB gun.

Louisville police say that the man, Fabao Chen, took the boy “against his will” from the Kroger, and pulled a black handgun out at passerbys that tried the intervene. He then aimed the gun at the victim’s head and forced him to go to a Chinese restaurant that he owned.

“The man grabbed him by the arm and pulled a gun out and told him, ‘no you be still, You be still.’ I was like ‘hey get that gun off of him!’” Sean Jenkins told WDRB. “So then he turned the gun towards me. And I just said ‘hey just keep the gun on me man. Cool. Keep it off the kid.”

Others tried to intervene at the Doube Dragon restaurant, but Chen pointed the gun, later determined to be a BB gun, in a threatening manner at the crowd.

After the police arrested him, Chen was charged with kidnapping a minor and three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment, according to court records. He also cannot have contact with his restaurant.

Talking through a translator, Chen said the child was throwing a bottle in his restaurant and he tried to get him to stop, WHAS 11 reports.

Locals say this is not the first time Chen has pulled out the gun.

He is being held on a $250,000 cash bond.