Man Allegedly Kills Young Mother of Three Who Rebuffed His Advances

A Pittsburgh man is in custody after allegedly fatally shooting a Black mother who rejected his advances outside of a local bar.

According to police reports, 29-year-old Janese Talton-Jackson was out with friends the night of Friday, January 29 when she was approached by Charles McKinney, 41. McKinney asked Jackson whether she had marijuana, to which she replied no. 

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As Jackson was leaving the bar, McKinney followed her outside, grabbing her from behind and making lewd gestures. She pushed him away and crossed the street, but he repeated his actions. A bartender told police that at that moment, he saw McKinney reach into his pocket and grab a gun. He appeared to shoot Jackson in the chest before fleeing in his vehicle. Jackson died at the scene.

Soon after, police pulled over McKinney’s car for speeding. However, as officers approached the car, they received an alert on their radios regarding the shooting, causing McKinney to flee again. He crashed into a tree, but when officers approached the vehicle with guns drawn, McKinney placed the car in reverse and sped away from police. McKinney led police on a high-speed chase, which ended with officers firing shots into his vehicle. 

He was treated for a gunshot wound to the temple and charged with murder, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, drug possession, possession of a firearm by a felon and fleeing police.