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Mama Pope Is Returning to 'Scandal'

Khandi Alexander's character as Olivia Pope's menacing mother will return for Scandal's midseason finale.
Mama Pope Is Returning to ‘Scandal’

Get ready, Gladiators! Mama Pope is coming back to rock Scandal.

Entertainment Weekly reports that actress Khandi Alexander will reprise her character as Olivia Pope’s terrorist mother in the midseason finale of Shonda Rhimes’ hit Thursday night drama.

When we last saw Mama Pope, she was locked away in “the hole” and being watched over by Rowan “Papa” Pope (Joe Morton) at the end of Season 3. Of course, we know Rowan framed his estranged wife for the murder of Fitz’s son, and led Olivia to believe her dead. But Mama Pope lives!

The episode, titled “Where the Sun Don’t Shine,” is being directed by Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant in the series. It’s scheduled to air on Nov. 20. We’ll have our red wine and popcorn ready!