If you’re a parent with a child in high school or junior high school, then you’re well aware that prom season is in full effect, and for President Barack Obama there’s no exception. In an episode of Live! with Kelly and Michael airing Friday, the President admitted with a stern face, “Malia did have her prom recently.” Naturally, Kelly Ripa’s immediate follow-up question was whether she attended with a boy, but of course that was “classified information,” joked the President.

Imagine the boy who rolls up to the White House to pick up the President’s daughter, joked Strahan, but the President begged to differ saying he didn’t think he was too intimidating.

While we may not know the details of Malia’s dress, we do know that she wore heels, and yes, like all dads the President was taken aback. “It’s fair to say the first time you see your daughter in heels is a little bit jarring.” Malia did look beautiful he admitted.