Malia and Sasha Obama Get Briefed Before International Trips
Getty Images

Before heading out on any international trip with their parents, Malia, 14, and Sasha Obama, 12, get briefed like their parents.

The kids receive little packets full of information about the country they’re traveling to says First Lady Michelle Obama during a fan question and answer segment with People.

“We brief them like I’m briefed and like the president is briefed,” said the First Lady. “They get a little packet of material so they understand the history of the country. I want my girls to get the entire feel of what it means to be in countries that are not the United States. I want my kids to be educated and have as much information as they can about the countries that they’re visiting.”

The First Family just wrapped up their week-long trip to Africa in which they visited Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. During their visit, the Obamas met with numerous heads of state and visited landmarks including Gorée Island and Robben Island.