Madea Opens Up

Catching up with one of the busiest women in show business on handling success and the dating scene.
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 16, 2009

Tyler Perry may be looking for love, but his know-it-all alter ego, Madea, self-proclaimed expert on relationships, is happy by herself. Here, her thoughts on life with Tyler and her idea of a perfect date.


Essence: Madea, what do you think of Tyler’s success?

Madea: It’s all because of me, ’cause I’m sexy, and peoples like me.


Essence: Do you think Tyler is sexy?

M: He aiight. Sexy in my day was better-looking than that.


Essence: What’s it like to live with him?

M: It’s scary, because we look so much alike. Except I don’t have a beard. Sometimes. And he keeps trying to get me to put on a bra-just won’t leave me alone about it. I just tell him, “Go straight to hell.” These things? They were meant to be free. You didn’t ever hear about Eve puttin’ no figs over her breasts. No cross-yo-heart figs for Eve.


Essence: Is there any woman good enough for Tyler?

M: Yes, there is one good enough for him, but she died many years ago after giving birth to Jesus.


Essence: Do you have any love advice for Tyler?

M: Yes, I do. If his love for a woman is a mile long, make sure the prenup is five miles long. Can’t truss ’em-hell naw. Hell to the naw, as Whitney would say.


Essence: What about you, Madea, what’s your ideal date?

M: Some Doritos and a fresh pack of batteries.


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# News