If we’ve learned anything in 2016, it’s that the Beyhive stings back! Unfortunately for athletic apparel brand Lululemon, experience is the best teacher.

Beyoncé Debuts Activewear Collection, Ivy Park, And We Jump For Joy
Soon after the news broke Thursday that Beyoncé had released a new fitness collection, a 200-piece line of curve-hugging spandex, stylish sweats and workout-ready gear, the yoga brand insinuated that Beyoncé’s Ivy Park was merely a copycat, tweeting,

The Meaning Behind The Name Of Beyoncé’s New Athleisure Line
“They do say imitation is the best form of flattery. Maybe Beyoncé is so ‘Crazy in Love’ with our brand, she made her own.”

I Took a Dance Class with Beyoncé and Kelly’s Choreographer and It Was Beyond Everything (Because, DUH!)
The since-deleted tweet by the company, no doubt, faced repercussions. So much so, that they found themselves on the defense, apologizing directly to Beyoncé fans individually.

@xoBeyHivexo @GoodGuySly No harm meant- we’ve got nothing but love.

— lululemon athletica (@lululemon) March 31, 2016

@__beebs Good eye. We heard everyone’s feedback and decided to retract the original post.

— lululemon athletica (@lululemon) March 31, 2016

@GoBrooklyn @lknmre Thanks for the call out, we didn’t mean any harm. We’re huge fans.

— lululemon athletica (@lululemon) March 31, 2016

@retrofuture1 We agree, which is why the original post was deleted. We never meant to throw bows as we’re major fans of hers.

— lululemon athletica (@lululemon) March 31, 2016

@OhhhHaiOlivia We’re not throwing punches. Everyone needs a little healthy competition.

— lululemon athletica (@lululemon) March 31, 2016
“Everyone needs a little healthy competition,” Lululemon reportedly posted.

Yes, Lululemon. Cower at the wrath of the Beyhive!

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