Ludacris Proposes to Long-Time Girlfriend


Rapper-actor Ludacris proposed to his longtime girlfriend in the most extravagant way.

Jolie A. Doggett Dec, 27, 2014

Ludacris has given new meaning to the phrase “Mile High Club.” On Friday, rapper-actor Ludacris proposed to his girlfriend, Eudoxie, in the most romantic and extravagant way possible: from high above the earth

“She didn’t say yes. She said HELL YES! #milehighproposal,” Ludacris wrote on his Instagram.

And how could she say no? Ludacris popped the question by taking Eudoxie on a private jet with a group of friends. Once the plane was high in the sky, it flew over a field where the message “Eudoxie Will You Marry Me?” was spelled out over the grass.

The bride-to-be was pleasantly surprised.

“BEST DAY OF MY LIFE WITH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! #milehighproposal,” Eudoxie wrote on her own Instagram.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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# News