In a world of BlackBerries and the ever-evolving video game, it’s sometimes hard to fight the everyday distractions that make it hard to take a breather and savor precious moments with our significant others. However, there’s also good news—technology could help save your relationship. 
According to, 79 percent of DVR users polled said the television recording device has helped their relationships. As the second most popular must-have technology gadget in American homes after cell phones, it makes sense that DVRs can be a love booster. 

We’re so busy these days that the likelihood of you and your special guy being in the same room to watch your favorite prime-time is almost impossible. So the DVR can definitely be a plus—as long as you two are compatible and agree on the same shows. Whether it’s reruns of “The Cosby Show” or Monday Night Football, let the DVR give you a reason to cuddle with your man.