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Website Using Breonna Taylor's Name Was Used To Raise Money For Police Foundation

The website breonnataylor.com urged people to "support good police" and send donations to the Louisville Metro Police Foundation.
Website Using Breonna Taylor’s Name Was Used To Raise Money For Police Foundation
Photo: Facebook

Someone tried to use a website with Breonna Taylor’s name to draw in funds for the Louisville Metro Police Foundation, a private group that raises money to support the police and public safety initiatives, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports.

According to the report, BreonnaTaylor.com directed visitors to send donations to the Foundation and “support good police.”

“In this divided and chaotic world, we hope anyone coming here supports good local police, firefighters, healthcare workers, and other essential personnel,” the homepage for the website, which has since been taken down, said.

Breonna Taylor was a Louisville EMT who was shot and killed in her own home by police officers executing a “no-knock” warrant.

According to the report, visitors to the site had the option to give gifts from $100 to $10,000 toward the foundation.

The site has been up since May 16, according to Lonita Baker, an attorney representing Taylor’s family said.

“It is a slap in the face whether they were part of putting this site together or not they have not tried to take it down,” Baker said.

The Louisville Metro Police Foundation released a statement saying they had nothing to do with the site, and also temporarily shut down their own page until they can figure out who was behind it.

“We would NEVER do something so inappropriate and are doing our best to track down who put our link on this page,” Tracie Texas Shifflett, the director of the foundation said. “We are saddened and disheartened that someone would do this, especially during this time when we need unity and not division.”