The Louisiana Flooding Is Worse Than You Think

With over 400,000 homes affected and a rising death toll, the floods in Louisiana — brought forth by historic rainfall — may be the worst since Super Storm Sandy. Here's a look at the damage in photos with a few statistics on just how devastating the storm has been for the people of Louisiana.

Joslyn Winkfield Aug, 17, 2016

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The recent flooding in Louisiana caused an estimated $30 million in damages to the affected parishes.

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An estimated 10,000 residents are currently displaced and in shelters.

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At least 40,000 homes were damage as a result of the flooding.

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More than 1,000 Red Cross Disaster volunteers have been dispatched from across the United States.

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An estimated 75,000 people have had their homes damaged or ravaged by the flooding.

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The current death toll as a result of the devastating flooding has now reached 11.

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Nearly 40,000 people have registered with FEMA for disaster relief assistance in the aftermath of the flooding.

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The Louisiana Department of Wildlife has rescued at least 100 pets since the flooding began

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The Louisiana State Police Department initially reported a total of 125 stranded on Interstate 12 as a result of the flooding.

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Over 30,000 people have been rescued from flooded homes and vehicles.

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Thousands of residents are still without power in the aftermath of the storm.

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Some areas have received as much as 30 inches of rain since the storm began.

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