Woman Arrested For Throwing Bottle, Yelling Racial Slur At Black NYC Jogger 

On Monday, New York Police arrested Lorena Delaguna who is accused of throwing a glass bottle and shouting a racial slur at a Black Queens jogger.

According to the New York Post, Delaguna is now facing charges of aggravated assault as a hate crime as well as an attempted assault.

Police released footage last week showing the jogger, identified as Tiffany Johnson, running and minding her own business. Video captured a woman, whom authorities say is Delaguna, could be seen finishing up a drink before hurling the glass bottle at Johnson, 37, and beginning to scream.

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“Get out of here, n—-r! Go back to Africa,” the woman screamed.

Johnson had previously called the incident a “hate crime,” and also called for the woman to be held responsible.

“She was so loud and aggressive,” Johnson told ABC7NY. “She did call me the N-word, and I mean I’m not an N-word, none of us are, but the reality is that this woman felt that she needed me to be that and I would just say that she needs to look into herself as to why.”