“We’ve gotten in bed with technology like never before,” a Yahoo Shine article points out. The article takes its cue from the release of “Going the Distance,” a movie about a couple that tries to make it work even though they live on opposite coasts. With work pulling us in different directions all the time, sometimes our hottest moments happen via Skype or text message. Yahoo Shine created their own list of “the good, the bad and the slightly scrambled” of LDRs in the digital age. Here is an excerpt: THE GOOD Six Clicks of Separation “‘All these technologies are profoundly remapping relationships — letting us collapse geographical distance, and changing our ideas of time,” says Genevieve Bell, PhD, cultural anthropologist and ethnographer for Intel, who travels around the world studying the way people use media. Translation? You can date someone halfway across the globe and can go for much longer without dying of longing. “You do miss someone less when you stay in touch with them through technology the way we can,” says Susan Shapiro Barash, author of ‘Toxic Friends.'”  THE BAD TMI Anxiety Ilana Gershon, PhD, an anthropologist at Indiana University and author of Breakup 2.0: Disconnecting Over New Media, says all this technology tends to turn daters into spies. One young woman she interviewed for the book started obsessing over photos of her lover at a party on Facebook. Did the girl in the shot happen to walk by at just that second? Or had he been chatting her up for hours? It drove this young dater nuts. “This kind of thing is common,” says Gershon. “Facebook offers potato chips of information. You keep reaching for more but you never really feel satisfied.” THE SLIGHTLY SCRAMBLED Did I just get dumped? Gershon was surprised to find that getting texted, ‘It’s Over’ doesn’t actually mean it’s over. “When people told me this, at first I thought, wow, what a gift; you don’t have to keep interacting with the schmuck,”she says. “And then they explained to me, “Oh no no no. Now you have to figure out whether it’s a breakup or the opening for a whole new renegotiation of the relationship.” Get the whole list at Yahooshine.com.