Lindsey Graham Introduces Resolution Demanding Transparency In Impeachment Inquiry
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) once again railed against Democrats and their push in the House toward an impeachment inquiry, introducing a Senate resolution slamming the proceedings and demanding that there be more transparency.

“What they’re doing is selectively leaking information to drive the president’s poll numbers down and to drive the momentum for impeachment up. Everything coming out of this star chamber process is being leaked by Democrats,” the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair told reporters, according to the New York Post.

As CNN reports, the resolution, which claims that the House is “denying President Trump basic fairness and due process accorded every American,” is co-sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“The purpose of the resolution is to let the House know that the process you’re engaging in regarding the attempted impeachment of President Trump is out of bounds,” Graham said.

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The Republican senator further argued that “instead of the Judiciary looking at a potential impeachable offense, they’ve created a process with the Intel committee that’s behind closed doors, doesn’t provide access to the President’s accuser, shuts Republicans out for all practical purposes and is an unworthy substitute for the way you need to do it.”

Graham has been one of Trump’s staunchest defenders since the Ukraine whistleblower complaint broke and calls for impeachment ramped up once more.

As ESSENCE previously reported, Graham drew ire earlier this week after he agreed with Trump that the impeachment process was akin to a “lynching.”