A Chicago mother and daughter are battling the coronavirus together after both testing positive for the novel virus.

According to Fox News, the duo, currently living in quarantine, first apparently came into contact with the virus when Liesha Jones, 32, received an e-mail from a job notifying her that someone working in the building had contracted COVID-19.

“We were instructed from there to basically work remotely, especially with the schools being closed and those precautions being made,” Liesha told Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt.

Liesha said she started feeling ill on Sunday, experiencing chills, body aches and a bad migraine.

By Monday, she had difficulty breathing.

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“My chest was hurting really bad,” she said, which prompted her to go to the ER.

Lisa, 52, believes she contracted the disease from her daughter, whom she was helping to care for, although her symptoms have not been as bad.

“I had more congestion and coughing,” Lisa Jones said. “But I had that prior to her going to get tested. So I just thought it was like a regular cold or having a cold. But once she found out that she…tested positive she called me. And so I immediately went to the hospital to get myself tested as well.”

For now, mother and daughter are doing just fine, although some days are better than others.

“For me, it’s kind of like up and down,” Liesha said. “So, throughout the day, like, I will feel okay and then other days I still get the body aches and then I feel, like, really fatigued and I need to lay down and rest.”