A Letter to My Future Husband: ‘I Miss You Even Though I Haven’t Met You Yet’

Dear Future Husband,

I miss you. I know, I know, it sounds crazy given I may not have met you yet, but I know you. My soul is so comfortable with your spirit that your absence has created a longing, which is painful at times. My desire for you and what we will one day have is so intense. My heartbeat speeds up when I close my eyes and imagine what it will feel like to finally hold you. I get butterflies deep down in my stomach when I imagine the love we will make. And on any given day, my lips part and my smile peaks through at the thought of the joy you bring me.   I want to look into your eyes and thank you for showing up. I’ve waited so long for you and you are worth every minute.

Thank you for being so patient with me. My heart has been through so much and I know that I don’t always know how to move without a tainted heart. I don’t ever want to hold you responsible for the damage someone else may have caused.

I love you for loving me so deeply. I am grateful for all the times you chose to work at our understanding of each other in stead of getting frustrated and walking away. I am indebted to you for your kindness. You take such good care of me. It gives me the confidence to give you my all because you deserve all I have to give.

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Today is one of those days… I crave you. Like the dehydrated body does water. I am thirsty.  I don’t feel like myself.  And while I already love you, I want to give you my love. What good is it percolate and steeping inside of me when it belongs to you?

Oh my sweet love, how I enjoy the manner in which we will disagree; accepting each other’s mistakes, flaws and decisions without blame, malice or judgment. You set my soul free. You make me want to always be the best me for the best you. You look into me when our eyes connect. And, when I get ready to ask what you are thinking, you offer you thoughts willingly. When you don’t, your touch, your kiss and your embrace are more than enough and speak a thousand words that infuse my heart and breathe air into my essence.

Baby, from the depths of my being, with my entire existence, today, I miss you sorely.

Come Home,

Your Future Wife