For some naturalistas, keeping track of hair growth has become somewhat of an obsession.

Don’t believe me? Enter “length check” into Google Images and you will see thousands of pictures of women (mostly Black) who’ve snapped photos themselves tugging on a small section of hair to see how long it stretches. To take it a step further, some naturals buy “length check” t-shirts with numbered lines on the back that easily track the hair growing process.

While I agree that it’s important to monitor the health of your hair, if on average hair only grows half-an-inch every month, focusing too much on length seems a bit like self torture.

Overall, hair health is a reflection of several factors not just length. Monitoring your eating habits and stress levels and adopting a healthy hair routine that includes proper moisture, caring for your ends, and low-maintenance styling will give you a head full of lustrous curls, no matter what length they may be.

Do you do “length checks?” How has measuring helped or hurt your natural hair journey?