#LemonadeSyllabus: Black Women Are Sharing Reading Lists Inspired By Beyoncé’s Visual Album, and It’s Amazing
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As Lemonade-mania continues to spread like wildfire, a growing group of Black women are taking a slightly different approach to celebrating the album’s message.

As has been explained, debated, argued, praised and re-hashed more times than one would deem possible over a 5-day time span, the running theme of Beyonce’s Lemonade project is one of female empowerment intertwined with Black pride and unapologetic truth. In light of this, a hashtag dedicated to embracing the theme through empowering literature written by Black women has been born.

The Undeniable Connection Between ‘Lemonade’ and the Literary Narrative Around Black Women   

Started by Rutgers University educator Candice Benbow, the #LemonadeSyllabus series encourages Black women to share curated reading lists of books, poems and other inspirational literature penned by Black female authors that celebrates every aspect of what it means to be a Black woman. Since starting the series, Candice shared on her Twitter page that she’s received at least 120 submissions; many of which she’s posted here on her Instagram page.

@changeducation shares her #LemonadeSyllabus. #Lemonade

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#LemonadeSyllabus #Lemonade

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The #LemonadeSyllabus series is similar to the #BlkWomenSyllabus hashtag that took over social media in 2015 and also encouraged Black women to share empowering reading materials through their Twitter accounts.
What Black Women Are Saying About Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’

To get involved, or simply to get inspired, check out the #LemonadeSyllabus hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. We surely will!

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