Maryland Grocery Clerk Who Insisted On Working To Help Seniors Dies Of Coronavirus

A Maryland grocery store clerk who insisted on continuing to work even as the coronavirus pandemic raged through the US just so she could help the elderly has died of the novel virus.

According to CNN, despite Leilani Jordan’s own challenges as a worker with cerebral palsy, Jordan wanted to make sure senior shoppers got their share of goods as many began to hoard necessities amidst the pandemic that spurred states into lockdowns.

“She was doing everything for [the seniors]: Helping them put their groceries in their walkers, to helping them get into lifts,” Jordan’s mom, Zenobia Shepherd told CNN.

Shepherd recalled her daughter telling her, “It’s crazy here at work…but somebody’s got to do it…I’ve got to help the older people.”

However, Jordan ended up becoming sick herself. She was hospitalized in March and died last week.

“All she wanted to do was just help people,” Shepherd told CNN, in tears.

“We can only imagine the heartache they are experiencing and have offered our support during this difficult time,” Giant Food told CNN.

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After Jordan passed away, her stepfather, Charles, noticed that her phone was not locked and found a recorded goodbye video that the 27-year-old had made.

“She made a video saying goodbye to all us, and wished everybody the best,” he said.”She told us bye; her sisters, [and her service dog] Angel, bye; and all her friends.”

The family started a GoFundMe to help them through this terrible time as they prepare Jordan’s funeral services.

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