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It just goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world, a part of america and you know hate in america especially for african americans Is living every day. That's Lebron James speaking after his Los Angeles home was vandalized with racist graffiti the day before the start of the NBA finals. Lebron says his family is safe but there's a bigger issue at hand. I mean I look at it as this, I mean if it's If this is to shed a light and continue to keep the conversation going on my behalf, then I'm okay with it. [MUSIC]

LeBron James' L.A. Home Spray-Painted With The N-Word

The incident is being investigated as a hate crime.


If NBA star LeBron James cannot escape racism, none of us can.

Los Angeles police reportedly responded to calls at James’ Brentwood estate on Wednesday morning, where the N-word had been spray-painted on the front gate.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star was not at the $20 million home at the time, ESPN reports. A property manager has since painted over the racial slur.

Investigators are currently reviewing surveillance cameras from neighboring houses to help identify the culprit. 

“Oh, it’s a hate crime. It’s a person who has a problem with him, obviously,” a source at LAPD’s West LA division told the New York Daily News, confirming it was the N-word that was spray-painted on the gate.

The incident occurred as LeBron and his team gear up for Game 1 in the NBA Finals. 

An investigation continues.