A Republican lawmaker in Texas recently proposed a bill that would criminalize abortion while forcing women to be “more personally responsible” for their sexual behavior. 

State Rep. Tony Tinderholt recently told The Texas Observer, “Right now, they don’t make it important to be personally responsible because they know that they have a backup of ‘Oh, I can just go get an abortion.’ … but consenting adults need to also consider the repercussions of the sexual relationship.” 

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The bill, introduced last week, is entitled the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act. It would ban abortion at every stage of pregnancy and amend the state’s penal code to allow women and providers to be charged with murder for the procedure, the Huffington Post writes.

There are no exceptions to the bill for rape or incest, due to Tinderholt’s belief that there shouldn’t be “any exceptions to murder.”  

Tinderholt, who is from Arlington, Texas, is currently on his fifth marriage and reports show that one of his marriages ended with a restraining order against him.

Although Texas Republicans recently declared they would abolish abortion in the state, criminalizing the procedure is downright unconstitutional. However, it is unclear whether Texas’ state legislature will uphold the bill.