Things aren’t looking too good for Lamar Odom lately. After being arrested for driving under the influence early Friday morning, Odom will now have his license suspended.

The NBA star will have his driving privileges temporarily revoked for one year and Public Information Officer Leland Tang says the suspension is not only due to Odom driving under the influence, but also to his refusal of a chemical test once brought into the police station.

“He did one thing you should never not do– refuse the chemical tests,” Tang said.

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According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles handbook, “If you refuse to submit any of the tests, your driving privilege may be suspended because of your refusal.”

The 33-year-old NBA forward was pulled over after driving too slow on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles. He was driving 50 miles per hour, which Police say was done in a “serpentine manner.” After failing several sobriety tests Odom was then arrested, jailed and released only hours later on $15,000 bail.