Laila Ali Speaks On Her Father’s Struggle With Parkinson’s Disease & His Final Moments
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As the nation continues to reflect on the life and legacy of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, his family continues to show extraordinary strength by giving fans and supporters an intimate glimpse into his final moments and into how they are all coping with the tremendous loss. 

Just a few days after her sister Hana shared a heartfelt Instagram post detailing their father’s last moments with the family, Laila Ali appeared on Good Morning America to speak briefly about the bittersweet moment.

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Laila says it was a rare occasion where all of Ali’s children were able to gather at once. “Thank God all of us kids — you know, my father has 9 children — were all at the hospital and all had the opportunity to be with him when he passed away.”

While she missed her father dearly, Laila also shared that she has taken in comfort in the fact that his suffering has come to an end.

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“I can say that I’m obviously really sad but, I’ve been sad for a long time just watching my father struggling with Parkinson’s disease,” she told GMA host Robin Roberts. “You know, you hold your head up and you say ‘yeah, he’s doing great,’ but I felt like he was trapped inside his body. So, I have comfort in knowing that he’s not suffering anymore.”

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The brave female boxing champion also expressed gratitude for the outpouring support her father continuously received both before and after his untimely passing. “I’ve been feeling the love since before my father passed away.”

You can watch Laila’s entire interview on Good Morning America HERE.

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