Ladies, Can a Dude with ‘Potential’ Have a Chance Too?
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Potential can often be seen as blinding to what may be the guise of a man who lacks motivation to ever see it actualized.

As women, we are told or sometimes believe that we want a counterpart who brings something to the table, and not necessarily someone with the capacity to eventually add to the meal. With women of color steadily on the rise and creating new businesses at soaring rates, to be exact, many women are looking for an “equal.”

But just because a man may not quite be there yet, does that mean he never will? The term potential has developed a bit of a negative connotation because of various situations where a woman sees a man’s capabilities to develop into something more, but it never actually happens. Then they are quickly stuck in between wanting to support and not wanting to let go for fear that in the moment they do, that will be the wake-up call for him to actually achieve his goals.

But there is one Hollywood couple who may prove that idea completely wrong. Actor Cory Hardict and wife Tia Mowry-Hardict are one of the couples in tinsel town that have stood the test of time. The acting duo has been together for 16 years. But by 2000, when they met, Mowry had already starred in the hit TV sitcom Sister, Sister and Disney Channel original movie, Twitches alongside her twin Tamera Mowry-Housley. She had a lot for the table.

In a post on Cory’s Instagram for Valentine’s Day, he talked about his financial circumstances when meeting the buzzing actress.

“16 years later my wife still looks at me this way … We met when I didn’t have a car, sleeping on the floor in a studio apartment with no furniture, just a young man from Chicago pursuing a dream …”

So what makes the difference between the man that is never quite motivated enough to turn his dreams into reality and someone like Cory Hardict whose gone on to be in films like Brotherly Love, American Sniper and more?

Well, there is the fact here that potential can be somewhat evaluated. It’s not just about having the raw talent, it’s about actually being motivated enough to cultivate those talents and to make active steps to actually pursue those dreams.  

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