Ladies Beware: New Truths About Cheaters and Where to Find Them
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A recent infographic released by The Huffington Post on the science behind cheating has many daters buzzing, and for good reason. The graphic’s highlights include a breakdown of the cities where the most cheaters can be found, which types of people are most likely to cheat (the insecure and the well-endowed) and the day of the week cheaters are most likely to do their dirt (Wednesdays!).

In what will likely serve as somewhat of a public service announcement for single women worldwide, it was revealed that Washington, D.C. is the U.S. city with the highest percentage of cheaters.  Houston is number two and Miami falls right behind it coming in at number three. So, where exactly is all of this cheating going down? A whopping 68-percent of cheaters are said to conduct their illicit affairs at work.

Now, the definition of cheating can vary among men and women, the infographic shows. Men think sexual cheating is worse than emotional cheating, while women feel more betrayed by an emotional offense.

Could you be dating a cheater? New research could help you spot one early-on: Experts say those who are most likely to cheat are people whose parents cheated, people who are insecure about their spouse, women who have husbands with large penises, men with deep voices and people who fake orgasms. Yes, really.

Well, there you have it ladies. Your thoughts?

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