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Must-See: K'Jon's 'Will You Be There' Video

R&B rising artist K'Jon is back with a brand new single and video.

Rising R&B star K’Jon hit the music scene in 2009 with his mega hit, “On the Ocean,” from his debut album “I Get Around.” The single spent an astounding six consecutive weeks at the top of the R&B charts with the album being named one of the top 50 R&B albums of the year, according to Billboard.

Since then, he’s been hard at work on his sophomore follow-up. On March 27, K’Jon will release “Moving On.” The album’s lead single, “Will You Be There,” is already makes waves. The video features a couple experiencing relationship woes at the hand of the man who’s battling alcohol addiction and depression.

Asked to explain the meaning of the song K’Jon said, “It’s been difficult for many people the past few years… tough times with people going through many changes. I’m not excluded from these things.”

Have a look at K’Jon’s though-provoking video.